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Section 1 Purpose

Section 2 Interpretation

Section 3 Enforcement

Section 4- Penalty

Section 5 Definitions

Section 6- General Requirements

Section 7 Non-Conforming Uses

Section 8 Township Zoning Commission and Amendments

Section 9 Board of Zoning Appeals

Section 10 Zoning Inspector

Section 11- Zoning Certificate & Site Plan Review

Section 12 Conditional Use Permit

Section 13 Districts

Section 14- Residential R-1, Single Family Dwellings

Section 15- Residential R-2, Single Family Dwellings

Section 16- Residential R-3, Duplex Dwellings

Section 17- Residential R-4, Multiple Unit Dwellings

Section 18- CS, Community Service/ Institutional

Section 19- REC-1, Recreation (Public/ Non-Profit)

Section 20- REC-2, Recreation (Marine Related)

Section 21- REC-3, Commercial

Section 22- B-1 (Gateway Business); B-2 (General Retail); B-3 (Commercial)

Section 23 (Repealed B-2)

Section 24 (Repealed B-3)

Section 25- I-1, Light Industry And Manufacturing

Section 26- I-2, Heavy Industry

Section 27 TC Districts

Section 28 Signs

Section 29- Parking

Section 30 (Repealed DS Districts)

Section 31 Agriculture

Section 32- FPUD, Flexible Planned Unit Development

Section 33- Mixed Use Planned Unit Development (MUPUD)

Section 34 Design Standards

Section 35 Landscape and Screening Requirements

Section 36 Small Wind Turbine Projects

Section 37 Accelerated Variance Procedure For Americans With Disabilities

Section 38- Natural Resource Protection

Section 39-Main Corridor Commercial Design Guidelines