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March 8 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

All meetings and Public Hearings being conducted by the Painesville Township Zoning Commission are currently being conducted remotely using Google Meet.  Persons interested in attending the live session with the opportunity to participate in the proceedings should contact the Zoning Staff at Township Hall to request an invitation with the connection information for the live session.

There is one public hearing scheduled for the March 8, 2021 meeting date.  Please read a copy of the Legal Notice below.

Case 21-ZC-01

An amendment to the TEXT of the Painesville Township Zoning Resolution has been initiated by the Zoning Commission.  The amendment proposes to add subsection 6.13 Line of Sight Visibility and re-number the remainders thereafter; to add figure 6-1 and re-number the remainders thereafter; to add 6.14(C)(7), to add 6.14(H), and add figure 6-3; to add definition for Line of Sight Safety Triangle (5.95) and figure 5-1 and add definition for Vehicular Entry Gate (5.164) and re-number the remaining  definitions accordingly.