Zoning Commission Mtg/Public Hearings

The Painesville Township Zoning Commission will meet at Township Hall at 6:30 PM on Monday, July 10, 2017.  There is a public hearing on the meeting agenda which has been  continued from June 12, 2017.  Case number 17-ZC-02 is a proposed text amendment to add a new Section 39-Main Corridor Commercial Design Guidelines to the Zoning Resolution and to amend Sections 34.02 and 22.09 to include references to the requirements as contained in the new Section 39.

A new public hearing (17-ZC-03) is also scheduled for this date.  It is a proposed text amendment to three subsections of Section 11 which are intended to provide references in Section 11 to the proposed new Section 39, Main Corridor Commercial Design District.

There is also a public hearing for case number 17-ZC-04 scheduled for this meeting.  It is a proposed district amendment for the Madison Ave. Elementary School site (845 Madison Ave.) from R-1/FPUD to CS, Community Service/Institutional.